1. screenshot
    All possible variants of the outward journey are shown, together with the lowest possible (return) price. On the left, there are weekdays (1-7), when the variant is possible.
    Choose one of the variants by clicking on a price. Application will then compute the prices for each return hourneys.
  2. screenshot
    Choose a variant of the return journey in a similar way.
    Application will show a list of tickets, which are to be bought. A total price (sum of individual tickets) and a price per person is displayed as well.
  3. screenshot
    It might happen that a ticket doesn't suit you − you are not compliant with the fare rules or you fuind yout that the discount is sold out.
    Then you may repeat the search without this fare by clicking on a gray cross in the top-right corner. The application will try to find another solution.
  4. Default setting is to search connection on any day, for 4 people. These parameters can be altered in the search form. Specifing a single weekday will also make the result less complicated.

    When your journey is a day return, select the "SAME DAY" option as "Return". Sometimes this will give you a better price.

    It is also possible to search for oneway trips − select "NO RETURN" in that case. The price may be higher as you don't benefit from return fares.

    By unchecking the "include limited offers" you'll limit the search to fares, which are available in unlimited numbers and therefore should be never sold out.